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Open data links considered of interest

Girona Open Data Project (GOD)
The Girona Open Data (GOD) project aims to make available to people and companies, without restrictions on copyright, copyright, patents or other control mechanisms, existing public data in the City Council's computer systems from Girona.

The Girona observatory
Set of statistics from different areas that describe the current state of the city of Girona

Girona Costa Brava open data
Girona Costa Brava open data

Tarragona Open Data
Tarragona Open Data is a municipal open data service through which public information is offered in a reusable format. In this sense, the City Council provides an easier and more comfortable way to access and use this information, and thus promotes transparency and citizen empowerment, generates innovation and improves effectiveness and efficiency so that services can be created in collaboration with the administration .

Port of Tarragona
Space where public data of the Port of Tarragona body are published, with the aim of promoting the use and reuse of the information generated.

Port of Barcelona 
Open Data Project of the Port of Barcelona, which provides information in an open data format that allows public data to be reused.

Open data of the Lleida City Council
Open Data Portal of the Lleida City Council, which makes the data generated by the Administration available to the public and freely available in digital and standardized format.

Open data of the Generalitat de Catalunya
Access portal to open data of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Open data of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area
Consult the contents of Open Data and the necessary information on the metropolitan area on the AMB website

Open data of the Barcelona City Council
Barcelona City Council has an open data repository that includes data sets on population, health, economy or education, among many others, and which can be found in reusable and downloadable formats

European Union. DG Mobility and Transport
Access to the EU open data portal

Open Data Mobility
Mobility data in Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic period at the national level is available in this shared space. The positioning of mobile phones has been used as the main source of data.

Renfe Data
Renfe makes a new channel available to users to share a series of indicators and information from its activity with everyone. They consider that this data belongs to everyone and that making it public on the Renfe Data platform will improve the services they provide.