Transparency - Mobility Observatory in Catalonia (OMC)


The Administration must be accountable to the public for its activity and the management of the public resources that have been made available to it. For that:
  • The administration must be transparent. It must be proactive and must disclose information relating to its areas of action and its obligations, on a permanent and up-to-date basis, in a way that is more comprehensible to people and through dissemination tools than allow wide and easy access to data and facilitate their participation in public affairs.
  • The administration must be governed by the principle of good governance. It must comply with the rules and obligations regarding the quality of services and the functioning of the Administration, and with the ethical principles and good practices in accordance with which the senior officials of the Administration must act. , with the aim of making it work with maximum transparency, quality and fairness, and with a guarantee of accountability.
  • The administration must be accessible. All information must be comprehensible, easily accessible and free of charge, and must be available to persons with disabilities in a format provided by appropriate means or formats that are accessible and comprehensible.
The consortium administrations are the Generalitat de Catalunya (51%) and local administrations (49%), which are Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and the Association of Municipalities for Mobility and Urban Transport. (AMTU). It is worth noting the presence of representatives of the General State Administration (AGE) in the governing bodies of the ATM, as observers.
The purpose of the ATM is to articulate the cooperation between the public administrations in charge of the services and infrastructures of the collective public transport of the Barcelona area that form part of it, as well as the collaboration with the administrations that, like now the State Administration, are committed to it from a financial point of view or are owners of their own services or not transferred.