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Company Displacement Plans

The Company Travel Plan (PDE) is a set of actions that aim to optimize the mobility of workers and visitors, favoring the use of alternative modes of transport to the private vehicle, rationalizing the use of the car and managing the mobility of goods.

The PDE concerns journeys related to professional activity, that is, both the journeys between the home and the workplace and the professional journeys of workers, collaborators and clients.

The main advantages related to the realization and implementation of a POE are:

To comply with current regulations
To be more economically efficient.
To manage the mobility of workers in the event of environmental episodes of atmospheric pollution.
To guarantee better conditions for employees and customers to access the company.
To reduce accidents.
To reduce the emission of polluting gases
To obtain the distinctive of efficient fleets of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
To help build a more responsible society
Once prepared, the POEs will have to be reviewed every 6 years, and a follow-up report on the implementation of the plan must be prepared at least every 3 years.

Source: ATM Barcelona

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