Mobility Law of Catalonia. - Mobility Observatory in Catalonia (OMC)

Law 9/2003, of 13 June, on the mobility of Catalonia.

The search for a sustainable development model that allows citizens a high level of quality of life without compromising the resources of future generations; the global vision of mobility as a system that prioritizes the most sustainable transport systems, such as public transport or walking or cycling, without renouncing the complementarity of private transport; intermodality as a principle to seek maximum efficiency in the use of transport resources; the integral security of people; respect for the environment and its values; the minimization of the consumption of energy and land resources; the incorporation of intelligent, more efficient and safer transport systems, or the desire to take advantage of opportunities to generate economic activity in all corners of the country are some of the basic objectives of this Law.

To achieve them, it articulates a planning system that includes all means of transport, public and private, which must establish mechanisms that guarantee environmentally and economically sustainable mobility and must offer citizens and businesses a quality of service according to country standards.

Source: Generalitat de Catalunya

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