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Monthly movement of aircraft at airports by type of flight

Monthly evolution of aircraft movement. This indicator measures all scheduled, non-scheduled flights and other types of traffic of national or foreign companies. Regular traffic means that commercial air service with a fixed schedule that is made regardless of the number of passengers flying. Non-regular traffic (or charter) means that commercial air service carried out for remuneration where the operation has not been notified as a regular service. Other types of traffic include commercial traffic, which cannot be considered regular or charter, and non-commercial traffic (includes operations related to the movement of military, state, private, and work aircraft air). The data for Catalonia includes the movement of aircraft at the airports of Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat, Girona-Costa Brava, Reus and Lleida-Alguaire.

Unit: Pax

Frequency: Monthly

Update: Every six months

Estimated next update : 2S/2024

Last data updated : 4/2024

Geographical area: Catalonia (airports)


oferta Catalunya aeri
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