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Partial territorial plan of the Ebro Lands


The new Plan:

  • Organize the urban development of the area and protect the natural values, ecological connectivity and significant spaces of scenic interest, such as the Ebro delta or the flood plains of the river.
  • It defines the growth strategies of urban centers and enhances the land for economic activity with the promotion of LOGIS Ebro, the southern Catalonia industrial estate and two new supra-municipal estates, Fatarella and Molló, while delimiting three reserves of land of potential strategic interest, in Aldea-Camarles, Alcanar and Móra la Nova.
  • It proposes improvements in all infrastructure networks: road and rail networks, port, airport and logistics systems and, given the uniqueness of the Ebro Lands, in those related to river navigation.
  • It includes the strengthening of the main road axes with the functional replacement of the N-340 by the A-7 highway as a high-capacity expressway, the conversion to the C-12 highway, the construction of variants and the conditioning of the network of secondary roads.
  • It incorporates the general scope rail infrastructure forecasts and proposes a rail link from La Aldea to the port of Alcanar, as well as a tram-train.
  • It is committed to the port of Alcanar as a commercial port with great logistical potential, endowed with quality accesses, for which it foresees the doubling of the current N-340 to Amposta and the aforementioned railway link.
  • It integrates the Landscape Guidelines for the protection and management of this, linked to the Landscape Catalog of the Ebro Lands, which has also been approved.

Source: Government of Catalonia

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