Ports of Catalonia Plan 2007-2015 - Mobility Observatory in Catalonia (OMC)

Ports of Catalonia Plan 2007-2015

The Catalan Port Plan will represent a new step forward to improve the management of the Catalan coastline, promoting efficient, sustainable and rational port use. The Plan is committed to:

Prioritize the expansion of existing ports, instead of promoting the construction of new ones, optimizing the available space when creating new moorings and promoting facilities with less environmental impact. In this sense, it is expected to increase the supply of moorings for nautical sports by about 6,000 places. Boost the economy by attracting new markets and boosting the commercial, tourism and fishing sectors. Seek a territorial rebalancing in the location of the new moorings and integrate the port into the city, with the creation of dry marinas and other connecting spaces.

Improve the operations of the ports, with more vigilance in the accesses to guarantee the protection of the vessels and reinforcing the Catalan Port Front to coordinate the commercial ports. Introduce measures to promote sustainability, energy efficiency and the collection and treatment of wastewater, as well as the control of sediment contamination.

Source: Government of Catalonia

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