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Improvement of the Vilafranca-Barcelona transport service

Last update: 2023

On February 18, 2014, communications between Vilafranca a
Barcelona became part of the network with the
commercial coding (e6) Vilafranca to Barcelona. It is also
they incorporated 4 new round trip expeditions, except a
in August

Communications between Vilafranca and Barcelona are provided
by combining the following lines operated by
the company La Hispano Igualadina, SL. Since the section
of these lines between Vilafranca and Barcelona do the same
route and stops, all these expeditions are provided with
the trade name (e6) Vilafranca in Barcelona:

1. La Selva del Camp - Valls - Vilafranca - Barcelona
2. Reus - Vilafranca - Barcelona
3. Coma-ruga - El Vendrell - Vilafranca - Barcelona
4. Sant Quintí-Vilafranca-Barcelona
5. Matched in Barcelona by Vilafranca
6. Pontoons - Vilafranca - Barcelona
7. e6 Vilafranca - Barcelona

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