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Guide for the integration of the gender perspective into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP)

The objective of this guide is to provide a working tool for integrating the gender perspective as a cross-cutting axis in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) and to be useful in the incorporation into other mobility planning figures (EAMG, PDE).

This guide has been conceived as complementary material that will allow the integration of the gender perspective in the different phases of SUMP work. The technical specifications for the drafting of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans by the Barcelona Provincial Council (DIBA) have served as a reference, but the guide is intended to be used throughout Catalonia and adapted to the rest of the country or other territories.

In addition to being a guide that should accompany the development of SUMP, it is important that its application is accompanied by an interdisciplinary process within each municipality, involving coordination with other plans and departments that have a direct relationship with mobility from a gender perspective, such as areas of Feminism, Gender Equity Policies, and Equality, linking it with Municipal Gender Equity Plans.

Finally, this guide is part of previous work developed by ATM to integrate the gender perspective in mobility. It is based on the gender perspective analysis of EMEF, reflecting differentiated mobility between women and men; the PDM 2020-2025 and PDI 2021-2030, which for the first time incorporate the gender perspective as an objective, and the Plan of Measures against sexual harassment in public transport 2022, which urges addressing sexist and sexual violence in mobility.


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