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National Mobility Guidelines

On October 3, 2006, through Decree 362/2006, the National Mobility Guidelines (DNM), applicable throughout the territory of Catalonia, were approved. They have the nature of a territorial plan and must serve for the preparation of the different mobility instruments established by Law 9/2003: mobility master plans, specific plans and urban mobility plans.

The DNM are based on the conclusions established from the diagnosis made on the state of the different types of mobility in the Catalan territory and the future scenarios foreseen in terms of demography, the economy and mobility.

The DNM are based on the integration of six guiding principles:

  • Configure a more efficient transportation system to improve the competitiveness of the national production system.
  • Increase social integration by providing more universal accessibility.
  • Increase the quality of life of citizens.
  • Improve the quality of health of citizens.
  • Provide greater security in terms of travel.
  • Establish more sustainable mobility patterns.

Currently, a prior public consultation has started on the Draft Decree approving the National Mobility Guidelines, which aims to collect the proposals that entities linked to the mobility sector in Catalonia can make in order to consistently review the National Mobility Guidelines. mobility.

Source: Government of Catalonia

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